Do You Trust Jesus. . .With Your Dating Life?


“Let me ask you: do you trust Jesus?  Do you believe that He truly has your best interests at heart, that He would never mislead you — that if you follow His advice, you’re setting yourself up for the best, most meaningful, and most fulfilling life imaginable?  Can you count on Him knowing what He’s talking about?  Do you think it’s possible that the second most important decision you’ll ever make (other than your commitment to follow Christ) — who you marry — should be based on Jesus’ most fundamental agenda for our lives: seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness?  Do you believe every significant decision we make should be run through this grid?  If our choice of marital partner is no exception, what wouldn’t qualify as an exception?  If Jesus’ words aren’t relevant for such a crucial decision, why would they have any importance in any lesser decision?”
– Best Selling Author Gary Thomas in “The Sacred Search” (2013, David C. Cook)

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