Starved for Love


Sunday, June 23, 2013 – “Starved for Love” (Dr. Stanley, “In Touch” Broadcast)

NOTE: The following is a partial transcription of the “Starved for Love” message delivered by Charles Stanley as part of the “In Touch” telecast on June 23.  You can watch/listen to the message at the following link, which was active at the time of posting:

What statements by Dr. Stanley stand out the most to you?  Feel free to comment.

SUMMARY:  “Have you tried to fulfill that empty place in your life with things, but continue to be unsatisfied? Perhaps you feel starved for love. It’s not the will of God for His children to feel empty, alone and without love. He has made provision for you to be fulfilled and live with joy.”

TRANSCRIPTION:  Sometimes we try to fulfill the empty place in our lives caused by lack of love by accumulating things or through repeated relationships that didn’t work out. Continue reading

Our Deepest Hurt Comes from Our Greatest Love


“Some of our deepest hurts are incurred within the context of our most intimate relationships.  When we give ourselves completely to another and that person loves us back, we experience bliss.  But what if we give ourselves completely and meet with rejection?  Or what if we are loved for a time and then abandoned?  How do we deal with the memory of such rejection?  How do we deal with the wounds we incur? Continue reading